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Introducing: The 2015 12th Awards

Together with an all-star steering committee, 12th & Broad honors 2015's 12 most innovative groups and individuals with an awards ceremony we're sure will become a yearly tradition. Click to learn more.

Join us in 19 days for

Punctuate: Innovate You

12th & Broad is pleased to announce the return of our Punctuate conference at Studio 615 on Friday, Oct. 23.

Take a break from your routine and join us for a day of innovation and inspiration at the "come to life" version of our fall magazine, "Innovate You". Our program of inspiring speakers and interactive tastemakers takes a look at all the things we can do the be personally innovative at home as well as among our friends and family, in our communities,neighborhoods and workplaces!

Topics Include: " Innovate Your Rolodex - How to Meet People in Nashville", " Innovate Your Personal LIfe - Intimacy in the Mobile Age", " Innovate Your Career - The Company You Keep", " Innovate Your Home - New Ways To Live", and " Innovate The World Around You - Starting Over". Check out photos from the first Punctuate conference. Snag tickets early and get $10 off. The day includes lunch and happy hour.